GAMECHANGERS Episode # 2: Interview with Daniel Epstein (Part 1)

We’re honored to have had the opportunity to catch up with GAMECHANGER Daniel Epstein, Founder of the Listen as he discusses:

  • the beginning of the unreasonable institute…
  • that special sauce of what it takes to be selected as an unreasonable fellow
  • gray haired/experienced versus the young/passionate
  • what it REALLY takes to make it as an entrepreneur
  • unreasonable successes and failures

Share it with others and join our community of people pushing the conversation forward to grow the good economy. Stay tuned next week for part 2 of our interview with Daniel.

Daniel Epstein Bio:

A fundamental belief that entrepreneurship is the answer to nearly all the issues we face today has shaped Daniel’s life. By the time he received his degree in philosophy from CU Boulder, he’d already started three companies. Today he is recognized by Forbes as one of the 30 most impactful entrepreneurs in his roles as the Founder and CEO of Unreasonable Adventures, focused on leveraging eco-tourism markets as an international tool for development, and the Founder of the Unreasonable Institute, an international accelerator and seed stage investor in entrepreneurs working to alleviate social and environmental issues. Daniel believes in militant transparency and truthfulness in his everyday life and in the projects he’s part of. He also has an overt love for his hometown of Boulder Colorado and for his dog, Kaya. Find links to Daniel’s TEDxFortWayne talk here and his TEDxBoulder talk here.



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