Leadership Team

Leadership Team:

Founder: Brian Weinberg is an Investment Analyst with MicroVest Capital Management, LLC, an investment advisory firm which seeks to deliver both financial returns and social impact. He has experience in business development consulting ranging from several early stage social enterprises and Fiserv (a Fortune 500 financial technology firm).   He received Summa Cum Laude honors for degrees in Finance (BBA) and Spanish (BA) from University of North Texas. During that time, he created a program of The Chiapas Project/Grameen Foundation called Recycle to Eradicate Poverty (recycling cell phones to fund microfinance), published an Honors Thesis on for profit versus nonprofit microfinance, and received awards ranging from UNT’s Rhodes Scholarship nomination to Finance Student of the Year.

Brian is a Starting Bloc Fellow (Boston ’10), previous Ashoka Youth Venture Ambassador, and a Clinton Global Initiative University Grantee/microfinance mentor.  Brian also helps facilitate and support content for VC/Professor Sean Foote’s MBA Microfinance Course at Berkeley (which was streamlined to over 75 Universities worldwide last year) and Gil Crawford/Monica Brand’s Impact Investing course at John Hopkins’ SAIS. He’s very active/healthy (soccer, running, yoga) sponsored by Team Sony Walkman and always up for a new adventure locally and/or around the world. He enjoys eating/cooking/coffee talk with good people and jamming to good music (as an aspiring guitarist).

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Strategic Partnerships: Patrick Davis is Strategic Initiatives Officer at Calvert Foundation where he works with individual investors, financial advisors, and wealth managers to incorporate positive social and environmental impact into investment portfolios. In addition, he directs the Foundation’s social media strategy, which aims to inspire a national movement of impact investing. Prior to joining Calvert Foundation, Patrick spent time in Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil where he examined local adaptations to globalization. Patrick received degrees in Economics, Government & Politics, and Latin American Studies from the University of Maryland, College Park where he also served on the steering committee for the Coalition for Civic Engagement and Leadership. He is a StartingBloc Fellow, a CIVICUS graduate, and a contributor at UnSectored.net.

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 Web/Graphic Design: Carol completed her BFA in Communication Designs and BBA in Marketing at the University of North Texas. She has 3 years of agency experience in the Dallas marketing/advertising field. Her experience in designing corporate branding/collateral as well as advertising for diverse industries such as food and beverage, oil and gas, health and beauty, fashion, and education, have helped to shape her sensibilities and intuition when it comes to conveying a clear vision to the appropriate target market. She is a self-taught programmer and very motivated to continue learning and understanding more about what it takes to create great works of print, interactive and online communications.

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