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What is Blended Profit?

Blendedprofit.com seeks to aggregate actionable resources for a community of people committed to a lifestyle that supports good business.  By shifting how we interact with business throughout our societal roles, we can grow the good economy together.

People have many names for good business: Social enterprise; new capitalism, social entrepreneurship; social intrapreneurship; corporate social responsibility; creative capitalism; shared value; blended value; conscious capitalism, etc.  With so much groundwork laid before us, we have little interest in creating another one.

Fundamentally, each speak to one concept:  you can “do well by doing good” — meaning you can make good money while treating your employees well, holding your suppliers to a higher standard, fostering good governance, and positively affecting the planet and its people.  These businesses typically have a deeper purpose for existence  (other than just making money) and strong institutional values all tied together by the organization’s leadership.

However, while these concepts have gained significant popularity and traction in recent years, the good economy only represents less than 5% of the way business is done. Yet people engage within this economy every day; as consumers, workers, advocates, investors, entrepreneurs, and students.

  • RESOURCE CENTER: We feel that the good business ecosystem lacks an infrastructure among these stakeholders. Many resources exist but they are scattered and sometimes hard to find.  That’s why we’ve built a solid team to aggregate relevant information in our RESOURCE CENTER.  We want to make it easy to do good, wherever you fit in.  We don’t claim to know it all so please pay it forward and comment with your input so that we can provide the resources to people that want to grow the good economy in an open source way.
  • GAMECHANGERS: We also recognize that we have a long way to go in our journey to make “good business,” business as usual. GAMECHANGERS is a weekly audio podcast featuring interviews with industry thought leaders.  We want to “pick their brain” so to speak with the end objective of building a constructive dialogue about where we are, where we’re going, and the gaps in between.  We hope that these insights from people on the cutting edge of good business will push your thinking to develop the next big idea. Stay tuned!

Why is this important?

Good business competes and operates alongside that same short-sighted capitalism that has driven many to occupy the streets of the world in protest. In the absence of people like you who care  — unethical, unsafe, environmentally unfriendly, and toxic business occurs. Meanwhile good business struggles without much buy-in from the masses. It isn’t even viable.

Fundamental change won’t occur unless people shift their behavior.  Much like a vegetarian interacts with food in a very particular way, so does our community when interacting with business; as consumers, workers, investors, entrepreneurs, advocates, and students.

Nothing will be possible without your attention. Join our community (newsletter, twitter, facebook, youtube) and let’s change the way business is done together.

If you have questions, ideas, comments, a personal story, want to help, you love us, you hate us – email us at blendedprofit@gmail.com. We’d love to hear from you.



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