The Advocate

The Advocate, Co-Authored by Neetal Parekh

While corporate structure has historically sought to maximize shareholder value, new legal structures, large scale campaigns & networks, and government policies are quickly emerging to acknowledge and support good business. From the White House Social Innovation Fund to legal structures such as benefit corporations and L3C’s, these initiatives are helping to address the limitations of traditional for-profit and non-profit structures in order to incorporate a vision for better world with one for new market opportunities.

Additionally, new legislation at a federal level, is changing the way individuals can invest in start-ups and the good economy. With the passage of the Crowdfunding Bill, within the JOBS Act signed into law in April 2012 by the President, non-accredited investors can now invest in enterprises and new ventures. This has the potential to empower social entrepreneurs in new ways and democratize the process of gaining initial funding.

To help navigate “The Advocate” space in the good economy, we’ve assembled a working list of resources below to help you succeed.  We don’t claim to know it all so please pay it forward and comment with your input so that we can effectively grow the good economy together.

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