Learning Approaches

Gap Year

“A sabbatical in which students disengage from curricular education and undertake non curricular activities, such as travel or work” (Source)

Global Citizen Year is an award-winning, non-profit social enterprise forging a new educational pathway for America’s emerging leaders. By immersing a diverse corps of fellows in developing countries during a “bridge year” after high school, we prepare them for success in college, careers and our global economy. We envision a world in which this “bridge year” becomes a common expectation and opportunity—transforming education, and unleashing the potential of our next generation as social innovators and global citizens. For more information, visit www.globalcitizenyear.org.

Thinking Beyond Borders empowers and inspires students through education to address critical global issues.  Their gap year programs provide learning and personal growth opportunities unlike any other. You’ll gain a new perspective through field work, homestays, and academic study in developing communities where people face real issues. Program Leaders with Master’s degrees in International Development and education will support your learning with seminars and mentoring.


Journeys for Change takes leaders on transformational journeys to meet the world’s most inspiring social entrepreneurs.  Get inspired, leave with practical learnings, make valuable connections, and get perspective as a developing leaders.


Open Sources/Online  Learning Methodologies

These online repositories offer users dynamic and interactive content that is redefining mobile education.

Khan Academy offers a free library of over 3,000 videos covering everything from arithmetic to physics, finance, and history and 315 practice exercises. Khan Academy is on a mission to help students learn what they want, when they want, and at their own pace.

EDx is a joint partnership between The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University to offer online learning to millions of people around the world. EdX will offer Harvard and MIT classes online for free. Through this partnership, the institutions aim to extend their collective reach to build a global community of online learners and to improve education for everyone.

Skillshare is a community marketplace to learn anything from anyone. Skillshare believes that everyone has something they want to learn and something they can teach to others. This means their communities are really the greatest universities. The Skillshare platform helps make the exchange of knowledge easy, enriching, and fun.

Berkeley Microfinance Speaker Series: The first course of its kind at the executive level, the Microfinance Speaker Series at Berkeley Executive Education delivers a comprehensive look into the social and business innovations shaping the landscape of microfinance. The course is taught by Sean Foote to over 75 Universities around the world.

TechChange delivers innovative and interactive courses on the role of technology in addressing social problems. In addition to facilitating in-person courses and running simulations at leading universities such as Georgetown, George Mason, George Washington Universities their real achievement has been to create a completely transformative online learning experience for participants from around the world.

3rd Party Learning Institutions

These emerging education institutions provide an alternative to traditional, 4-year universities and offer their students skills that go beyond traditional educational skills and learnings.

Given the need to rapidly change the way young people are trained for careers in making social change, The Amani Institute is developing a model for master’s education that retains the current strengths of universities while also offering students opportunities for more sustained field-based training to develop their professional skills, networks and lived understanding of realities on the ground. This will involve increasing the role of technology without sacrificing peer-learning, enabling greater access to networks of leading organizations, and enhancing existing curricula with professional skills such as communications, program management, and evaluation. We will accomplish this while simultaneously reducing the cost of such a top-class global education.

The Finance & Sustainability InitiativeThe Sustainable Investment Professional Certificate (SIPC) is the first professional designation of its kind, offered through a University Business School, specifically geared towards investment professionals. The SIPC was created in response to the growing interest in Sustainable Investment approaches. The SIPC is designed for professionals in the finance, investment, and corporate world to take full advantage of new professional opportunities through a rigorous training curriculum in the field of business sustainability and sustainable investing.

Integral Leadership Academy -The flagship Integral Leadership Program (ILP) is a 52 week learning intensive that seamlessly blends in-person workshops, self-directed modules (print, interactive, audio, and video), supplemental learning assets and leadership tools, peer support, phone-based teleclasses, and one-on-one executive coaching. Enrollment requires sponsorship by an Academy graduate followed by an application and interview process to ensure a candidate’s cognitive, psychological, and emotional readiness.

KaosPilots -  A KaosPilot is an enterprising leader who creates value for themselves and others. The Kaos Pilot program is a three-year long education where the focus lies upon learning by doing through client assignments, from entrepreneurs, consultants, leaders and thought leaders. The program consists of the disciplines Creative Enterprising Design, Creative Project Design, Creative Process Design and Creative Leadership Design and the education is designed around and operates according to the values Streetwise, Risk-taking, Balance, Compassion, Real World and Playful.

Monterey Institute of International Studies – In 2008 on the eve of what would become the largest financial crisis of a generation, the Monterey Institute of International Studies changed the way they approached business education by combining an award winning business school with a world renowned school focused on international policy and development. The result was an MBA program that was designed for the social entrepreneur who wanted a program that emphasized the triple bottom line. The launch of the impact investment Frontier Market Scouts program is another step in the evolution of the Monterey Institute MBA.

Singularity University - With the support of a broad range of specialists in academia, business and government, Singularity University creates a global network of like-minded entrepreneurs, technologists and young leaders to participate in crafting a road map to guide the evolution of these disruptive technologies. SU helps create solutions and applications of these technologies for the benefit of humanity through its Graduate Studies and Executive Programs. SU is based at the NASA Research Park campus in the heart of Silicon Valley.

The School for Social Entrepreneurs – The mission of SSE is to address inequalities and social exclusion by supporting social entrepreneurs from all backgrounds to transform their talent into real social outcomes, in the form of sustainable solutions to poverty and disadvantage in communities. It does this through the use of action-learning based programmes of personal and organisational development. SSE supports individuals to realise their potential and to establish, scale and sustain, social enterprises and social businesses across the UK, Australia and Canada.




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